A Service CompanyCarter Enterprise’s vision is to be a business organization that honors God in all its work by displaying excellent performance, personal integrity, ethical work habits and committed customer service in meeting the photography and videography needs which results in quality products in a timely fashion at a reasonable cost.HistoryCarter Enterprise is a Christian-owned business formally organized in March 2004 after many years of volunteer and informal operation through requests from private individuals, church organizations and community groups to provide video and photography services in various formats. Experiencing the challenges and excitement of ever changing technology to bring “life” and retention to daily life activities and events made it clear that fulfilling the calling of one’s life can be demonstrated through rewarding entrepreneurship. Thus, Carter Enterprise, was formed to include others who bring their talents and skills to the table to provide a service to use this exciting technology to its fullest in a personal, business, educational and spiritual pursuit of capturing and retaining valuable memories and information.Staff
Harry G. Carter is a visionary.I am one who cannot let an opportunity pass. I get excited about life itself and find myself willing and ready to jump in and make a contribution to make something better for the good of all. I was born in the state of Alabama and by virtue of the letter A believe that I should take a lead in being all that God has created me to be. With this in mind, I am captivated by the uniqueness and intricacies of digital technology and using my varied work experiences in military training, corporate organization management, church organization administration, and background education and training in, it is my goal to lead Carter Enterprises into being an organization that uses similar skills and interests of others to not only produce lifetime memories for individuals and groups, but also to inspire and train an emerging generation in information technology and entrepreneurship.Scripture:
George Parris is a photography and portrait lover.I am one who enjoys the satisfaction of capturing the personal expressions and memories in still photography and all the many messages communicated through a single picture. God has planted within me to have a keen eye for photos and photo opportunities. In view of my work experiences in the media and background training in photography, it is my intent to achieve through Carter Enterprise the goals to create outstanding portraits and photography work and to make this skill a motivating desire to be achieved by a young and fast-moving generation.
Rudy Wiggins is a photography lover, especially digital photography and computers!I am one who enjoys the interaction with individuals and groups to steal those rare and fast moving moments of open surrender to the camera which then may require some manipulation using ever-changing software to achieve an accurate and proper duplication. I believe that I must always strive to be all that God has revealed in my life. Having spent a lifetime of profound work experience in the world of academics, being a photographer with Carter Enterprises allows me to exit the schoolroom and return to a long lost love – photography – a skill that can bring joy into the lives of others.
Doris Griffin is an organizer and manager.I am one who appreciates timeliness, excellent performance, operational effectiveness and being able to put my hands on what I want when I want it or providing something to someone when they need it. I was born in War, West Virginia and by virtue of the letter W, believe that I should be a Witness to God’s gift of administration. Through excellence in my own efforts built on a BA in Human Relations and many years of professional work experience in office management and electronic publishing in government service and church and community organizations, serving as an Editor and Business Manager for Carter Enterprise gives me the opportunity to share skills and experience for the staff, clients and a future generation of youthful entrepreneurs.